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Colin Campbell

President, Precision
“VB Profiles is not just a news service. To us, it is knowledge, quality and confidence. Beyond business intelligence.”


Aaron Golden

Chief Revenue Officer, VentureBeat
“With VB Profiles we have identified, tracked and segmented the tech companies we need to focus on in order to grow.”


Scott Brinker

CEO, ChiefMartec
“By porting my marketing technology landscape into the platform, marketers and industry observers can run their own detailed analyses on their specific markets.”


Bill Ryan

Managing Partner, Mandala
“I depend on it every day to keep me abreast of the trends, companies and executives shaping our markets.”


Andre Lorenceau

CEO, Livelike
“I use VB Profiles as my main source to cross-reference data in several industries, it is an must-use reference point in profiling internet research.”


Nicolas de Kouchkovsky

Principal, CaCube
“I can now track entire industries without the traditional clutters and discover new players and innovations effortlessly.”

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